Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only find nannies for newborns and infants?

While we specialize in searching for qualified newborn and infant nannies, we can help with searches for all kinds of families! This includes those welcoming new babies and needing care for multiple ages, or families with only older kids. We just focus on the early months and years, a time when childcare is especially important, expensive, and hard to find. 

Are you LGBTQ+ friendly? What about single moms and dads? 

Families come in all sizes and styles, and we love working with them all. We welcome LGBTQ+ families, single parents, and more. In fact, Marie identifies as LGBTQ+ and Lisa is a single mom by choice! 

Can you help me find an au pair? 

Au pairs are a special group of childcare providers whose work is strictly managed by the State Department and approved au pair agencies. We therefore cannot help with au pair searches, beyond helping you define what you are looking for in a childcare provider generally.

What if we do not hire a nanny candidate that you send to us?

Should you decide to work with us after the free initial consultation call, we charge a non-refundable retainer fee of $195 to begin searching.  Thereafter, 50% of the fee is owed when we send you qualified candidates, and the remainder upon hiring a candidate we refer. 

Should you not hire a candidate we send your way, you will not owe the remaining 50% of the fee! A la carte service charges are collected in full at the time of service. 

Do you place babysitters?

We would be happy to chat about helping you find a long-term, recurring babysitter as an a la carte service. That said, Newborn Nannies does not maintain a list of qualified long-term or last-minute sitters. We have chosen to focus on finding nannies that will perfectly fit in with your unique family.

We are looking for a doula before we hire a nanny - can you help with that?

Yes! Not only is Marie (our co-founder) a postpartum doula, but she is also a part of Balanced Beginnings Doulas, a collective of birth and postpartum doulas providing care in the greater Denver area. We will refer you to Marie to find you the best doula for you. To later find a nanny, you will work directly with us at Newborn Nannies.